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Terms and Conditions of the Safarjoy

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are the rules abide by in order to make use of services and facilities. Every company, institution, and overall fields have their own sets of rules and regulations that must be followed by everyone who is associated with the entity. Being a company that gives out cars and jeeps (along with other on-road and off-road vehicles) on rent/for hire, we have certain terms and conditions to maintain uniformity in our services of the whole company. It helps a lot in understanding the company, its functioning and its protocols. some The terms and conditions of our company are as follows-

Terms and conditions of the company Policy

  • A driver will be provided with the vehicle so that its usage is within the limitations and regulations for safety purposes.
  • The vehicle MUST NOT be used for the activities like racing, driving lessons, sports training, or for any paid services.
  • There is NO PROVISION for renting the vehicle without a driver/independently. Self -driving will not be permitted in Nepal.
  • The driver MUST NOT be forced to break/surpass the local speed limits or violate traffic rules. In case of failure in adherence of the same leading to any mishap or payment of fine, you shall be responsible to pay the fine/damages.
  • The vehicle will be provided to you with the necessary documents/papers, along with the driver in good condition.
  • If the vehicle is not working properly, then you will be provided with the next vehicle as soon as possible.
  • Day return vehicle should be returned to its station on time, upon failure of which, an extra charge will be added to the current price list.

Terms and conditions of Rental Vehicle’s Price Policy

Nepal Rental Car hires the vehicles at most reasonable and comparatively cheap prices. The terms and conditions for doing the payments are as below. 

The rates for inside the valley(this rate will be the only 4hr or the rate of charge will increase according to time).

Vehicle Charge per/km/Npr Minimum charge overnight charge
Car 71 300 If applicable
Van/Jeep 124 550 If applicable
Hiace 142 600 If applicable
Coaster 284 1200 If applicable
Bus 284 1200 If applicable
Vehicle Charge per/km/Npr Minimum charge overnight charge
Taxi 40 25 1800

Rate for outside the valley (on road)(charge will be two way) booking after 12am overnight charge will be there.

Vehicle Charge per/km/Npr Minimum charge overnight charge
Car 23 300 1800
Van/Jeep 40 550 2500
Hiace 46 1000 3300
Coaster 90 3500 5100
Bus 92 4000 5200

Rate for outside the valley(off road).

Vehicle Charge per/km/Npr Minimum charge overnight charge
Jeep 55 3000 3000


Personal Travel insurance is not included in the tour price. Every possible effort has been made to ensure the safety of all. However, as a condition of accepting you on the trip, we recommend you to have a personal comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Terms and conditions for bookings and cancellations-

  • Bookings/Reservations can be made by Safrjoy Customer APP After this, confirmation from SufferJoy team
  • The preferred type of vehicle can be selected from the vehicles section- 
  • Time, date, and your location can be chosen as per preferences/requirements.
  • For the confirmation of the trip, an ADVANCE PAYMENT of 50% of the total rental charge must be made during booking.
  • You need to book the vehicle at least a week before, for the on-seasons like September, October, November, March, April, and May; so that your trip is confirmed. You can also book the vehicle on the day of your trip.
  • The vehicle booking must be made at least one week prior to the date of usage, especially during busy seasons of the years-September, October, November, March, April, and May in order to secure a definite confirmation of the booking. Bookings can be made on the same day too. However, the availability of the preferred vehicle cannot be guaranteed in such cases.
  • First three days cancellaion there is no charge after 25% charge will be on total fare and for taxi there will be 25% cancellation charge on total booking ammount .
  • We highly recommend that you READ ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY before going ahead with the booking in order to be well informed about all the criteria.
  • Safarjoy team provides the renting services for a car/jeep in order to visit different places at reasonable costs. In case of any confusion about the services and facilities provided or about above-mentioned terms and conditions, feel free to get in touch via call, email.