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Privacy Policy of the Safarjoy

Privacy Policy

Customer privacy is a very important part of any transaction and for the protection of privacy this Company, (Safarjoy) always considers this as an essential factor. So this outlines the Company to help its customers to maintain their privacy. So here “Company" shall denote "Safarjoy Company" and “vehicle renting” shall denote "Vehicle Website". “Personal information” provided by valuable customers of Safarjoy includes Safarjoy customers'name, phone number, email addresss in order to further render the detailed information about our services and products of SafarJoy.


Customer privacy will be protected and information will be kept securely and maintained confidentially.

Use of Personal Information

Use of information of the Company customers will be made for Company purposes only and the data/information will be maintained in high confidentiality.

Disclose of the personal information to third parties and secondary uses of the personal information :

Sometimes personal information may be shared with a third party  depending upon the type of service requested by the customer via APP. In such a situation, the customer will be informed regarding the same; for example sometimes personal information shall be issued to any rental vehicle agency when making reservation and information such as names and address are shared to send any goods/material to another customer. However, sometimes upon the request of an public authority or requirements of Court or Legal agencies/Administrative authorities, information may be shared without consulting the customer.

Management of personal Information:

Safarjoy will strictly manage the personal information received from its customers. In addition, personal information will be protected in an environment accessible only by the System

Administrator. Strict security measures will be adopted and leaks to third party or unauthorized data alteration will be prohibited with due care and in a proper manner.

Customer's Responsibility:

Customers are allowed to use this APP at their own responsibility and discretion. Safarjoy assumes no responsibility.

Customer's Queries relating to Personal Information:

For information regarding the handling or alteration of personal information, please contact on the given number.

Legal Compliance and Improvements:

Safarjoy strictly complies with Laws to protect the personal information.

Note: The governing Law should be the Laws of Republic of Nepal. In case of discrepancies arising between the Nepali and English agreement, the Nepali agreement shall be applicable.